Frame sizes

The size of our glasses is listed by three measurements; lens width, bridge width and temple length.
This series is always labelled in this order, in millimetres and may be separated by a small square, dash or space between the bridge and lens measurements.

The dimensions of our glasses are predominantly labelled on the interior surfaces of the temple (arm). 

The size will always be written as three listed numbers. E.g. 44 [] 22 145

Lens width


48 □ 19  145

This is the horizontal width of each lens at its widest point.
It typically ranges from 40mm to 60mm.

Bridge width


48 □ 19  145

This is the distance between your two lenses. In short, the bridge width is the space where your frame fit against your nose. The size of this ranges from 14mm to 24mm.

Temple length


48 □ 19  145

This is the length of the temple (or Arm), including the bend that sits on your ear. The temple is typically 120mm to 150mm long.