Laibach & York

The brand Laibach & York was founded in 2013 and has been bench-crafting eyewear for high profile clientele ever since. Founder, Blaž Oberč, is an industrial designer with a Master’s in eye optics and has been designing eyewear for multiple reputable brands for many years. With a feeling for great design, he perfected his own skill creating high-end eyewear.


In 2013, Blaž decided to create his own label accessible to all, under the name of Laibach & York which represents the history of two cities. Laibach, historical name of Slovenia’s capital city. York which represents his love and respect of his time spent in Toronto.


Since Blaž established and produced the first lines of the astonishing pieces of L&Y frames he joined forces with Leo Zupan, who is a Slovenian born Canadian who came across his design randomly shopping eyewear for his daughters when visiting Slovenia. They soon decided to partner up and show Laibach & York to the world.

Brand Philosophy

At Laibach & York, we are proud to bring global recognition to our hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Slovenia is regularly described as a “cradle of beekeeping” and the country is home to the original Carniolan honey bee, one of the most popular species worldwide.

“As much as we are supporters of preserving the art of hand-made eyewear, we are also avid supporters of bee conservation and fighting colony collapse disorder” said Blaž.

Design Philosophy

Laibach & York’s goal is to make high-quality eyewear accessible for everyone. High-quality and design, manufacturing, comfort and the best fit for your face. With their in-house design team and manufacturing facility, they guarantee excellent quality and provide trendy high-end eyewear.

Their massive stock of both vintage and new acetate, allows them to create eyewear in small quantities, which provides clients freedom of selecting their own L&Y frame in an amazing diversity of colors. By choosing only the best materials and parts, like Italian cellulose acetate, 3 & 5 barreled hinges and quadruple polishing for a stunning glossy finish, the end result is a perfect handmade frame, ergonomically designed for superior weight distribution. All created in their own manufacturing facility in Slovenia.

The frame, Carnica, is one of the designs specifically manufactured to bring environmental awareness to the destruction of the Carniolan Honey bee’s natural habitat.

Laibach & York are on their way to becoming a zero-waste company, by utilizing every piece of leftover material and transforming it into beautiful products such as business card holders, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. Their raw material cellulose acetate is a bioplastic made from wood and cotton pulp, which means their frames are biodegradable.

Meet the Team

At Laibach & York, we are proud to bring global recognition to our hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Blaž Oberč


Leo Zupan


Maarten W

Emotional supporter